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Re: Parsing ai ki do

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Two points: I don't have the exact quote in front of me, but in about 1922, Ueshiba was quoted in Admiral Takeshita's diary as saying - "Aiki is the art of making other people do what you want." - see Harden above.
And with all the writing about how old "aiki" is, remember another word, also using the composite of "onyomi and kunyomi" - KIAI - which is always, and definitely has been always read that way, not "goki." Kiai clearly is the art of making the other do what you want - and in Araki-ryu, for example, this is done by manipulation of one's own stance, one's attitude and one's internal state - and this is linked (as it is in Jikishin-kage-ryu) with the manipulation of different aspects of gogyo - yin/yang. The distinction is usually considered as that kiai, whether predominantly yin or yang in it's energy exerted on the other, is on a larger level, a YANG state - you actively express your will on the other - centrifugal force, if you will. Aiki (see below), whether the dominant energy is yin or yang, is, on a larger level, a YIN state - it is gravitational.
Aiki, which was referred to in some ryu as soshin (I have no ability to reproduce kanji, but the first character, so, is ki-hen/moku-hen (tree/eye) and means something similar to "ai") and shin = kokoro. In other words, one controls the other by unifying "heart/mind" - - - - BUT this is not love - (the other "ai"). It means that one achieves such organization within oneself that one can pervasively influence the other in spite of themselves, so that they are "templated" to what your will.
Would the statement 'this is not love' still apply if we were to redefine what love is actually made of? If we were to discover in our own expereince that love is the eye of the tree ( some kanji for aiki also mean 'blue spruce' as is the case with one of my children students whose parents are Japanese). What if we were to discover or support that love is an organization (natural) within oneself ( and therefore the other) and can pervasively influence the other in spite of themselves(ourselves). In other words, maybe our idea of love is fragmented and the term aiki is a better model, as it is a unified body of principle.

For me aiki has been a constant challenge to my concepts of love. Implementing aiki has been the strongest tool I've brought to 'my' love.


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