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Re: Dan, Mike, and Aikido

Stan Baker wrote: View Post
Hi Craig,

your missing the point, take the ten best shihans ,and ten best fighters in the world. dream on if you want to.

No, I am not. This just shows how ridiculous you are being.

While we are being ridiculous, allow me to take the skill set of the shihans out of their 60+ year old bodies and throw them into 20-something bodies with the conditioning for a UFC type match and the time to train and adapt their skillset to the situation and then it might be interesting.

Since when did shihan going from meaning "model teacher" - (someone whose movements are to be emulated) to meaning "ultimate fighter". Shihan of an art that is not supposed to be about fighting. Since when would I be so childish as to expect them to jump into the octagon and wipe out those who train for that environment and 1/3 their age and 2+ times their weight.

besides ten best fighters of what ? How about ten best knife fighters, ten best stick fighters, ten best gun fighters, tank fighters?

If anyone over 20 was thinking this way, which I find hard to believe, time to grow up. The octagon never was what you are
training in aikido for.

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