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Re: Mike sigman's internal strength parameters- Have you guys read this; really!

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Dan AFAIK you havent met Sigman, and your dislike for him is quite legendary by now. I have met you and you have held my hands and taught me. And you had nothing bad to say about me either; in fact you praised me a lot. Internet wannabe? Why so harsh?

BTW, I would encourage all of you to meet Dan Harden too; and regardless of how important you consider your teachers to be The Top dogs of internal arts, the fact is that all of this is very very rare, and if it isnt neijia , it doesnt mean it doesnt use neijin, and that it stands head and shoulders above Aikido as usual.

And BTW I'm no teacher, no expert nor do I have a dog in this race. I've gone all blabbermouth and started spewing online because it might help other of you who are sick and tired of the same old same old we have it and you dont dialogue in here. It's time to raise the bar for all of us.
I wasn't referring to you at all in my post.
I think it's best to get hands-on with top ICMA guys and see what they can or cannot you. Then consider the outcome-and their assessments.
There's been too much BS by internet gadflies.

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