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Re: philosophical or practical martial art?

[quote=Graham Christian;290866]They are not practicing the way o'sensei taught and then they are wondering why it is so difficult to achieve his level in aikido. Where's the logic in that? It really beats the hell out of me!

That's a valid point Yannis.

I notice the general consensus is that O'Sensei was not a good teacher. Of course I thoroughly disagree even if the majority think so.

What it does as far as I can see is open the door to bad students led by those who say O'Sensei was a bad teacher.

It opens the door to lots of intellectual claptrap and 'new' ways bringing back the 'old'

No wonder you're confused. Bad students always look for a 'better' teacher, a new way, the misssing withheld secrets. It's never anything to do with them. That's the simplicity of it really in my view.

Exactly! Thank you very much, it's good to know that there are people in aikido who understand all of that. O'sensei of course was a good teacher. The problem is that many of his students tried to lead aikido in different directions from what his vision was, after his death...
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