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Re: winter thoughts

The sun was out sometimes today. Sometimes it was so foggy the earth and the sky seemed to meet and blend. What was really nice was that it was 63 degrees. In February. After being negative 18 last week.
Our driveway is a long sheet of ice. I worked on the entry to the dojo with an edger this afternoon. I chipped away like mad for a few minutes until I was exhausted. I stopped to catch my breath…this was not going as I had planned. The ice was hard, the water from the snow on the roof was dripping down my neck and I was hot and sweaty after 3 minutes work. I pulled my hood up to stop the water dripping, put on some gloves and let the edger drop down on the ice from my center, then lifted and dropped it again. It was so easy. The ice broke up better and I was not at all tired. I let it happen just like I let uke lose balance and fall. I worked for several more minutes and got so much more done. But the really cool part was that my frustration vanished as my center was restored and the job became fun. I got to play outside in the sunshine with ice as my partner.
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