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Mike Sigman
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Direction of Groundpath

Still, if you use "ground path" and you only have it going one way, you're not doing what I'm doing. And it won't get you to where I'm going, basic exercise or not. Not saying one is bad or wrong, just saying it isn't what I'm doing and I don't think it was how Ueshiba did things. IMO, of course.
Hi Mark:

I'm curious regarding this distinction about "groundpath" and which way it goes. I wasn't aware that there was a direction that it travelled, particularly, since I always thought of it as a connection *between* the ground and the hand. Granted an argument can be made for one direction or the other if you look at classical texts, but you must have something specific in mind.

Could you clarify what it is you're thinking about and give us your opinion on the groundpath, how it works, and so on? Might be a productive discussion.


Mike Sigman
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