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Re: We're not sure what to call him

Charles Scheid wrote: View Post
It's for the contact page on the web site--so people who don't know that they need to contact some guy named Tom can contact him nonetheless.
Wouldn't people who would need to contact him already know his role in the dojo?

In any case, as for the term "kyu-cho," this term just doesn't ring true for me. Although there are other terms such as "dojocho," "bucho," "kancho," and such, all of these terms contain nouns which indicate some sort of collective group (eg dojo, bu, kan). "Kyu," to me, does not have a connotation of a group and therefore sounds incongruous to my Japanese ears. If you and your dojocho feel like this person needs some sort of public title, why not just use something simple like "Mentor of kyu-ranked students"?


-- Jun

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