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I understand your concern, however, I'm as much of a beginner as you can get. My intention is not to 'spark' any debate. Just to familiarize myself with all of my options. I realize you may be right, but if anyone feels compelled to begin a heated debate, well, that's something for them to reconsider now isn't it?
I understand your point about choosing a dojo and sensei over the style of art. And that WILL be part of my consideration when it comes time to choose. However, I seem to have many choices, of which I'm sure most, if not all, will be a suitable environment to train. Therefore, I plan to limit my selection to dojos and sensei's who are in-line with my preferences. Right now, I'm in the process of determining those preferences.

Thanks for your input, I'll check out the sites.

I'll check out that site. Thanks. I believe you lead me to that other one as well. It was very helpful, thank you. I'm still a little unclear about what kihon-dosa is. I was under the impression that they were a series of aikido waza strung together. But from your last post, I'm getting the impression that they are in fact not waza at all, only body movements that resemble waza.
By the way, would you mind if I asked what branch of aikido you've practiced and are practicing?

Thank you all.
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