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Re: Belts sticking out

Story on one of my dojomates, who I love dearly. This woman has been doing aikido forevor with some of the big guns and is actually quite good, even her offspring has a nidan. Probably came out that way.

Anyway, she got her shodan a few days before her um, second 30th (60th actually) b'day. Our sensei got her a beautiful belt with the Osensei aikido kanji that is typical for our school's obi, not to mention very typical for the several wall hangings we have on the shomen and elsewhere that all say aikido...

in beautiful bright red embroidery. I commented on the nice color, and she thanked me and said "Yeah, now I just wish I knew what it said....." Oh, dear. Oh, I love my aikido family. I asked if she saw any kanji just like it anywhere else in the dojo, maybe she could parse it out that way.....

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