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Re: My thoughts on competition vs Non-competioin

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Wooh.....woooh...hold the horse on this one Dan. Please tell me what BJJ school you've gone to and dominated them with aikido. Flick me the name, so I can confirm that. I don't mean to be disrespectful but I sense gross exageration here.
A. You don't understand what I am talking about as.... aikido. I am talking about aiki, and it is not what any shihan in the art I have ever seen is capable of.

B. I've never exaggerated on these issues a day in my living life. In fact I have held waaaay back from mentioning things that have occurred in open rooms for years now . In addition, to Bjj and MMA guys with fight records there are many people here who have seen things against experts in other fields. One caution. I don't play Bjj or wrestle. I stick to no gi and fight rules.

C. I don't really much care whether you believe it or not. Being called a liar is almost routine for me on Aikiweb and E-budo. I have NEVER had to apologize for stating something I could do. The only consistent thing I have experienced on the internet and related to the internet is the incredible number of times I have been apologized to.... after they find out how much I don't say....out of politeness.

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