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Re: My thoughts on competition vs Non-competioin

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Story of this and that, these guys did this to these guys. Oh well....

Personal experiences equals that means. Oh dear.....

In that case I have many as I'm sure many other aikidoka have when training with folks from other arts.

I've never met one who didn't say' hold on a minute, how do you do that?'

Shouldn't be surprising to anyone who knows Aikido as most other arts haven't ever experienced the art of no fighting.

There's only one reality really and that is each different art presents a different set of problems.

Good to learn from in order to get better at your own art.

It's never ultimately the art which is better anyway, it's the person.

As any good poker player knows or chess player or any other player for that matter knows.

Another fact or reality is that when people of different arts train with each other they may find out weaknesses in one another and guess what they do? They help each other.

This happens probably over 90% of the time whilst the few who seek to take advantage and prove dominance and harm the other are merely thugs. They usually boast about what they did to such and such. I have no time for them personally.

Plenty of challenges faced, plenty of challenges to come, ain't life great?

Aikido is great.

Speaking of Chess.....There is a "very good" chess player out there named Josh Waitzkins. Google him, go to Amazon, and by his book, the "Art of Learning". I encourage all my BJJ students to read this book at the blue belt level.

Josh gets it 100%. What it takes to win in high level sport and in life.

Ironically Josh left chess behind after "mastering" it, and moved on to Shan Shou and Tai Chi. And guess he is working with Marcelo Garcia in BJJ up in New York!

It is more than saying "hey hold on a minute, how do you do that!". It requires development of a completely different way and methods of training that most folks don't have the time or conviction (heart) to do. the book and read it, it sums up very succinctly everything we are discussing here.

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