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Amir Krause
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Re: aikijutsu vs. aikido

Roger Flatley wrote: View Post
Close. You could do Krav Maga, which I am also studying, and that is based on fighting techniques used in the military.
Noyt really

The main technique used for a militaries to fight, is communications and coordination of large forces (and fire assets).

Hand to hand is not even a secondary issue in every Army, including the Israeli one.

While special units and most soldiers here do learn H2H fighting under the title "Krav Maga" , no one ever said they are really good at it (they have other skills which are much more important - comm, shooting, demolition, observation & inteligence).

Get out of Holliwood, armies are huge complex organizations, with many thousands of machines. H2H is the least of worries.

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