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Re: aikijutsu vs. aikido

I've seen some aikido tournaments with guys putting locks and throws on each other for points.
Tomiki, maybe? There are one or two styles of aikido that do have tournaments and competitions, but it's actually rather unusual. The majority of aikido styles and organizations have a very specific and strong 'anti-sport' philosophy, and never hold tournaments of any kind.

I don't know about aikijujustu (which is a pretty wide word that covers a lot of different things) but I was certainly under the impression that there were styles that had tournaments.

I would also question the dichotomy you've brought up of technique vs philosophy, or of violence vs philosophy. This does not square with various dojos I've encountered. You can have one dojo that is both very practical (or 'combat-oriented' if you prefer) and very explicitly 'philosophical', ones that are neither, ones that are emphasize one over the other...

A lot of injuries doesn't necessarily imply that what you're doing is realistic or practical, either -- it may sometimes be the case, but it's also very easy to injure someone _because_ they are not protecting themselves enough or are doing something 'unrealistic' (e.g. letting you put them in a vulnerable position while ignoring opportunities to stop you or escape).

I think many of the comparisons you're making seem to be very specific to one or two dojos or styles you're familiar with, rather than things that describe aikido or aikijujutsu as a whole.

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