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Re: Gay Aikido People? NORTHEN UK

David Wilson wrote: View Post
Hello Alastair,

So before we lynch those damn gay only dojo people, lets make certain we know who they are.
Bit of an over reaction to my opinion there David. "Lynching dam gay dojo people" is quite an extreme way to express something I have not at all inferred.
My view is that it is simply not necessary to distinguish a club based on its sexuality. I really dont see the connection being relevant. By putting a tag on a dojo you really are not sending out an everyone welcome vibe. You could well be right that a gay dojo means that straight people are welcome but is that what people are going to think or feel?
A dojo is a place to leave everything at the door. And I mean everything. Any intolerances or bias or opinions etc. It's a place of training - that's it.
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