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Re: Gay Aikido People? NORTHEN UK

Hi Alex,

I do not believe in or condone practices which involve segregating people in training due to gender, sexual orientation, race etc. If Aikido is about harmony and love, then how can we possibly believe in or practice these values if we discriminate against ourselves or others, or try to place ourselves into different 'catagories'.

I train at four different dojos a week which is a wonderful oppotunity as it allows me to train with people of greatly varrying ability and from all walks of life. Our club is primarily male dominated, but most of the men I train with are hardly 'macho'.

Any Aikido dojo should be place of love, nurturing and acceptance. When you are on the mat you are there to train; superficial issues such as sexual orientation should never be a cause of concerne for anyone. Anybody who does take offense to training with someone who is homosexual absolutely needs to reassess their understanding and comprehension of Aikido principles.

Alex, in my opinion an "all gay Aikido" club is not a truely wise path to take. In the same light, I would never take a womens only class or a hetrosexuals only class! Don't segregate yourself. No sense of freedom, love or harmony will come from it.

Best Wishes,
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