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Re: Tales of Judo Sparring Aikidoists

Michael Neal wrote:
And the only thing that allows me to believe Larry Camejo's story is that he practices Tomiki Aikido where there is randori and Judo techniques are practiced often. He is also a Nidan in that style of Aikido.
Wow Michael you really did your research.

In Shodokan Aikido though we don't actually do Judo tecnique but use the same principles of kuzushi, timing etc. to execute Aikido technique.

Also remember that this was in friendly sparring and not serious competition randori in the last case. In the others, my Judo/Jujutsu experience and careful use of body weight helped a lot. I got beat repeatedly in ne waza though whenever I was spent physically and against someone my own size or larger, which is why I always go back to learn more. The cardio fitness and ground fighting experience you get from Judo grappling is a great thing. Helps me learn to apply my Aikido principles on the floor as well.

Michael Neal wrote:
I honestly believe the average Aikidoka has almost no chance against the average Judoka. Aikidoka that can beat a Judoka have one or more of the following characteristics 1) They also practice Judo, BJJ, wrestling or Shodokan Aikido. 2) They are very big, strong, or both 3) Have alot more years of martial arts experience than the Judoka.
Generally I agree with you. The best chance most Aikidoka has against a serious Judoka/Jujutsuka on the mat or otherwise has a lot to do with "dealing with the initial assault." Once they get a hold of you it could be over before most of us know it. Hence my insistence (whether implicit or explicit) on playing the game my way or not playing at all when using Aikido against Judo.

Just my thoughts. Also it shows the benefits of resistance randori training regardless of which Budo you do. According to Kano - to understand the principles of Shobu Ho, method of fighting - this is why we have randori.


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