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I myself wear ordinary glasses and the only time I ever think of them is during iriminage, and even then I see how the partner is throwin (if the glasses is thrown of).
Accidents do happens, e.i some uke isn't reacting on an atemi as previusly mentioned, but you as nage and uke for that, is allways responsible for your partners safety. When we do jo training for example and our sensei see someone thrusting towards the throat he will go down on that person with thunder and lightening. Or if someone continue to apply pressure in a pin even if uke is clapping off. That can result in permanent wrist damage. We simply can never ever accept injurys of that kind, especially not in Aikido practice. That is ofcurse the standard we are applying in our club, but I believe it is a healthy one.

So be carefull during training, then you might be able to train with that partner a second time.

Jakob Blomquist
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