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Re: Everyone says you should be aware, but what does that mean?

Aware? ... I was reminded of an incident that happened some years ago.

Around midday, I was waiting at a busy major intersection in the Central Business District, waiting for the pedestrian lights to change so I could cross the road. At a guess, I estimated there were at least 20 people waiting with me all bunched together.

As a type "A-person', I would habitually walk very briskly across the road just after the very instant when the little red stick man changed his colour to green. But for some inexplicable reason, I didn't want to rush across the road that occasion. Why? … I don't know. Instead I looked around and noticed that a woman close to me was priming herself to rush across the road as I would have normally.

As she was about to step off the curb, I saw a truck running through the red light at speed in her intended path. But she didn't see it.

"Look out!"

She froze in mid-stride. And the truck barely missed her.

In that instant, we both understood that she would have been mashed had she'd taken that extra half step.

I acted nonchalantly and a warning didn't really come from me -- being the reserved type, I didn't really want to draw attention to myself. But the woman turned and thanked me, and she was able to go home to her family that night.

Incredibly no one else in the waiting crowd apparently noticed the drama?! The drama was only experienced by the woman and me. It was a very surreal moment like an episode of Twilight Zone that lasted no more than micro-seconds. …

I wasn't actually training in aikido at the time. But I had trained in various martial arts for several years, on and off, when this incident happened. So maybe I could say that my senses were heightened by my martial arts training and I was alert to my immediate environment… (excerpt from my blog)
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