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Re: More on High Break-falls

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
I believe by reading answers given on the subject that all are missing the basic concept and basic purpose of break-falls and even more so the concept and purpose of high break-falls but are unaware of this fact.
First, and I apologize for going off-topic, but in the effort for promoting greater dialogue, I think describing how people don't "get it" detracts from the conversation...particularly when saying "all" people posting on the topic are missing something. A) Not everyone is posting all their knowledge, but are addressing aspects of it; B) and sincerely, I would think you'd be more sensitive about telling people they're missing key aspects of their training.

Thus we see the fore-ward ukemi as something not often needed in life but useful whereas a backward roll or ukemi much more often needed or employed.
In my experience I've had about as much forward as backward "ukemi" in my life no and off the mat.

Add a bit of height to it and nothing changes, same principles, same solution. Less broken elbows, banged heads, bruised shoulders, cracked bones...... etc.etc.
I wouldn't say nothing changes: the need for good ukemi skills increases because momentum forces increase. A relative beginner can roll or break their fall from low heights pretty easily, but the greater the "down," the greater the need to harmonize yourself with the ground before the ground harmonizes you on its own non-considerate terms.

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