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Re: More on High Break-falls

A little additive here. Three people seem to be intent on seeing 'high' break-fall done by me. That makes me believe they have not understood the thread.

As I pointed out in the op that too many focus on the high, on the going up part and thus completely miss the point.

Therefore they are missing this vital point and that is that there is no such thing really as a high break-fall. The break-fall is what happens when you reach the mat.

That is defined in the op. It doesn't take film to help understand that, just fall down straight like a toppled tree and you'll see for yourself.

It's like saying how to land an aircraft has something to do with how it takes off.

This thread isn't about the take off point or the in flight point but the end point, the actual break-fall.

So there would probably be four parts to look at for the overall term generally used as break-fall.

1) The initial harmonizing with the attempted throw.
2) The take off.
3) The flight
4) The landing.

This thread is on part four and goes further by saying that's the actual break-fall part. The rest is on the journey towards it thus you end up with form of.

Now the fact that in other martial arts like judo the emphasis is placed on the how to land and widely in my opinion recognised as such as the basic after which they can focus on the form then these responses seem to me to validate what I thought and said, that in Aikido generally it seems to be an alien concept. Thus from my point of view a missing view.

Regards G.
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