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Re: Your Demon Technique?

Half a week before my fourth kyu test it dawned on me that I had always done shomenuchi kokyunage wrong--I had a completely wrong idea of how it worked--and so when my test came, I did this technique like I'd only known it for three days. Not very well, in other words.

Nothing on third bugged me that much, though kata tori nikyo remains very hard. The real problem on that test was cross-rolling. Ki Society has cross-rolls (rolling on the "wrong" arm for a given hanmi) on the fifth kyu test, but my entire fifth-kyu group, all six of us, resolutely did regular rolls instead. We passed, and I thought that was the end of it; but sensei didn't forget and asked for them again on my thirds! She looked at them and said, "Well, they're not unsafe, and they're sort of round, but they're almost completely weight-upperside." I sense cross-rolls in my future....

Mary Kaye
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