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Re: Your Demon Technique?

I finished the kyu grades a few years ago. I recall many techniques I just didn't get. Shomen nikkyo ura was a hassle to smooth out. Tsuki kaitenage felt very unconvincing for a long time. I had trouble with iriminage too. Hell, I'm not sure any technique ever came easy for me, and a few of them haunt me still. Such as sankkyo. Doesn't matter which attack. I couldn't do a good sankkyo to save my life then, and I can't do it now. I've been trying very hard too. :/

Shihonage is also a stumbling block for me. Especially from hamni handachi ushiro ryokatatori. Koshinages of any flavor were a problem but I managed to cross one of my mental blocks a month or so ago and they've been coming along. I wouldn't say they're good, but they're coming along.

Good luck!
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