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Re: Misogi - The diet part


I never said that they always had abundant food and didn't have to work hard for it. That's silly.
We can sit here and nit pick each tiny little detail forever, but let's not get crazy. The point is that eating a diet of mainly proteins, fats, and veggies / fruit / nuts as carbs (which is pretty much exactly how our ancestors ate regardless of quantity available) is healthier than a grain based diet. You don't like calling it "paleo"? Then call it neo-paleo. Call it paleo-like. It really doesn't matter to me.
Also, just fyi, the "diet" does simulate times of scarcity through what is call Intermittent Fasting (IF). And, no it may not be exactly how long our ancestors went without food, but it does increase fat burning and do some really cool hormonal balancing things.

Mary Malmros wrote: View Post
Really? Got a cite for that? They had abundant food, comparable to what someone today eating a so-called "paleo" diet would have available, and didn't have to work hard to get it? That defies all reason.

I don't think that has anything to do with the point I'm making. The validity of their diet or nutritional program or wankel rotary engine or whatever you want to call it is not at issue; it may be perfectly valid. But any diet whose quantities are best describe as "as much as I want" is not the diet of our ancestors.

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