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Re: Misogi - The diet part

How many people who focused on the spiritual only and practiced misogi exercises have replicated Ueshiba's abilities?

One of Ueshiba's students provides a hint to the answer. Around 1952, Seiseki Abe says this about talking to Ueshiba,

"How did you ever learn such a wonderful budo", and he (Ueshiba) answered, "Through misogi." Now I had been doing misogi since 1941 and when I heard that Aikido came from misogi, suddenly "snap", the two came together. (Aiki News Issue 045)

Seiseki Abe had been doing misogi for quite awhile prior to meeting Ueshiba or training in aikido and Abe wasn't anywhere near Ueshiba's skills or abilities, nor did he even see misogi and aikido as being similar.

However, under Ueshiba's tutelage, Seiseki Abe continued to grow as a martial artist. It can be inferred from this that something that Ueshiba knew and had trained was the underlying basis for powering his misogi exercises.
It was *not* misogi that powered Ueshiba's skills.
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