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Basia Halliop
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Re: How to Make Sure Your Kids Suck at Aikido

If you think aikido is important for _everyone_ to do, or specifically you think it's very important for your kids to do, then naturally you will do what you need to to make it work.

If I had a kid who didn't want to read, I wouldn't give up -- I'd make sure they learned to read and I'd keep working at it until I found a way to get them not only to read but to like it and want to read.

But to me and to many other people, aikido is simply not one of those things. It's very important for some people and not at all important for others. I know many adults who I don't think would particularly benefit from doing it and likewise many kids. And to me one of the things that makes it most important to me is the fact that my motivation for doing it has always come entirely from me, unlike most things in my life. One of my nephews has been old enough for the past year to be in our aikido kids' class... but I don't really think it would suit him or benefit him particularly... perhaps when he gets older or when my other nephew is old enough I'll feel differently about that and try to get him and his parents interested in it, but for now I don't think that's what's best.
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