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Ernesto Lemke
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"Hidden in Plain Sight" - Chapter 3 Kuki family

Hi Ellis,

This may mean nothing and I’m not even sure if this is relevant to anyone in any way. I’m merely pointing something out which I noticed.

On page 147 you stated (as taken from the Kuki website) that Ueshiba together with Kuki Takaharu established, “to be exact, Amenomurakumo Samuhara Aikido.”

What I noticed missing in this phrase was the word/name “Kuki.” FI an excerpt as taken from the Takemusu Aiki lectures (from Aikido Journal #116, 1999)
“Aikido is the work of Ame no Murakumo Kuki Samuhara Ryuou.11
Kuki is a double-edged sword which cuts through and unites the appearances of the Great Spirit of the Earth and Heaven. That is, it is a two-edged sword of Heaven and Earth.
As I said, merely pointing this out. I’ll let others do the speculating or draw conclusions. I have none to offer at this point. All I can share was that when I was still part of John Stevens’ organization we chanted “Namu Ame no Murakumo Kuki Samuhara Ryu-o” as part of Kotodama practice.

Ernesto Lemke
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