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Marc Abrams
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Re: 050) Intended Movement Without Conscious Intention: Week of August 23, 2009

Greg Steckel wrote: View Post
I hear Mike S will build you a 'Suit'

Nothing new here, just ask any old Ki Society guy - everyone projects ki before they move

Yup, anyone who has ever been in real fight will tell you that you don't think, you just do...

You won't find that happening with Tohei's Aikido with 'Mind and Body Coordinated'

On a more serious note Marc, I hear what you are saying in the blog - and I am with you on all of it!


Keep in mind that my teacher was the former head of Ki Society in the US. That being said, much of my experiences with Ki Society folks is that they went with the "fluff" and threw out the "stuff." By that, I mean that many of them could not handle a dedicated attack regardless of how strong they thought that their ki was and how much they thought that they led with intention. Some of my solo exercises in my own personal routine are still done by Ki Society members, so that I still believe strongly in the value of what can be gained.

Most people have never, or will ever be in a real fight, so we know from experience, but our experience tends to be the exception.

I did not know Mike was a tailor!

Look forward to seeing you on the mats in the near future.


Marc Abrams
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