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Re: Koshinage trouble

The anatomy and the most efficient ways to manipulate it do not change much the world over. If an Aikido person was having, for example, knee pain when attempting an Aikido technique, and a physical therapist or sports medicine specialist had specific feedback on alignment -

I would not dismiss it because:
people I never met who did lots of Budo talked to their students for a short period of time,
and then those students talked to me for a short period of time,
usually in very poor English (but much better English than my Japanese)
And during that short period of time that I was with my teacher, I don't remember him saying the Founder said the same correction using the same medical terminology.

The discepancies are very wide - I have students of Sugano who swear he said there was no such thing as Koshinage in Aikido. In terms of helping someone do better Koshinage, I don't find the idea helpful. Some people will refer to Koshinage as any technique that involves the koshi making contact. The article that was referenced above was very specific in the definition of Koshinage in Aikido - and I have pics of the Founder doing variations outside the definition used in that article. I have been told over the years many things were "not Aikido" that the Founder or one of his students certainly did. What parts of Yoseikan Aikido would some people call "not Aikido?" I suspect lots. The Founder did not create cookie cutter students, but some teachers do try to make 4'11" and 6'9" students look and move exactly the same. I don't consider that approach to be grounded in the Founder's example.

Unlike the Founder of Aikido, who is usually seen as the best exponent of the art of Aikido, Funakoshi and Kano are not considered the only way their arts can be done. Shotokan kata evolve over time, stances change, science is applied. Students when shown a picture of Funakoshi will not imitate it. Judo kata have been created since Kano's death, and the techniques that comprise Judo have changed over time.

I have had a student that was 6'8". Saying he needed to just hit someone in the face to do a Koshinage was not the answer. I could hit his face, but he could touch the floor with his feet and hands over top of me. I did not learn how to do Koshinage to him by looking at black and white still images of O Sensei. At 6' tall, I do not respect nature by trying to make myself 5'.
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