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Re: Koshinage trouble

The first time I heard Hane Goshi was to make tall people shorter was from Endo Shihan, an 8th Dan from Aikikai Hombu.

Judo has been subjected to coaching methodology and a number of kinesthiology and sports sciences. Even if the name is not officially an Aikido name, I like to embrace other sources of information. Judo books on Koshinage IME have some better information (some books, not all). I don't reinvent the wheel for myself - O Sensei was dead before I was born so I never met him. Good ideas are good ideas and will cross arts, cultures, and countries. Find what works for you.

What did O Sensei do about doing a hip throw on someone shorter than him? I honestly don't know, but I seem to remember he was too short to apply for the army initially in his youth, and most mere mortals shrink a bit with age. Not many would have been so much shorter as to make Koshinage difficult.

The Budo Renshu book does have a drawing of a type of Koshinage not mentioned in the article referenced above?
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