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Re: Koshinage trouble

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For taller folks or injuries, I like both harai goshi and hane goshi. They allow for kuzushi through through elongation of your partner (versus wrapping or folding your partner around your body) and you tend to keep uke on your hip less during the throw.

Also, generally speaking you want to be in a pillar stance for hip throws, not a pyramid stance. It's tough on the knees, but Janet's touched on something I learned form some judo people - stand with feet in a "v" position close (but not touching). When you bend the knees they should move away from each other more like a scissor action and less like a squat. I would describe the movement more as a dance Pliť than a muscle squat. Rotating your femoral heads helps this motion and you should feel like a X-jack, not a power lifter:
O Goshi
The knee bend is important because you generally want your hips to descend below your partner's belt, then ascend through the throw. This movement is more difficult when you essentially set up your butt as a roadblock, then hope to either pull your partner over your butt or your partner "cooperates" to move forward over your butt.

You see the pyramid shape more in throws that block the leg, like tai otoshi and maki komi; neither are technically hips throws, if I remember correctly.
Sounds like you are describing a Judo technique. Koshinage has some history in the forums - this post is relevant.

Something to look at:

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