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Koshinage trouble

There have been some discussions here about the "technique from hell", the one most people have. It hurts, it's awkward, it never works etc. Mine is koshinage - in all its myriad variations.

I'm 56, pretty stiff, pretty tall, and now one of my knees has started acting up badly. None of those things are particularly beneficial to koshinage-perfection.

A few years ago I started to try to do "proper koshinage", which is quite different from my old approach to the technique -- finding a tall, very slim guy who can fall like a a God and is not averse to helping an old man look better than what he deserves. I would then get myself into some sort of position and use some good ol' arm strength to pull the guy over my back, sometimes even remembering to let go of his "slam the mat"-arm.

One day, though, I started getting (I think) the hip movement -- and how brilliant koshinage can be, how great it feels when a koshinage really works. The hip does not actually just tilt, it's more like your lower back forms a bridge that then moves a certain distance along a circle, neatly and effortlessly depositing uke on the other side of nage. This movement of the hips, and therefore the lower back depends on bending the one knee and twisting your upper body -- then straightening that knee and bending the other one while twisting the upper body the opposite way.

I would love to concentrate on this for a while in the hope of actually making koshinage my friend, but with a right knee that doesn't like bending -- and doesn't like straightening once bent -- what do I do?

Is there a good alternative way to approximate a "proper" koshinage or am I now stuck with my old arm-strength and the tall slim ukemikami-guy??

Furthermore, I have practiced koshi nage as a follow-up (or finish) to ikkyo, sankyo, yonkyo, gokyo, iriminage, jujigarami, kotegaeshi, shihonage, tenchinage (perhaps), and various kokyunage. Could anyone suggest a reasonable koshinage finish from a nikkyo urawaza or kaitennage?

Suggestions or comments?

Merry Cristmas!!
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