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Re: Sounds and Kotodama

Bruce Baker wrote:
I was just reading the Voices of experience, and it seems they, the voices of experience haven't a clue as to the vast importance of sounds in the universe.
Probably because there are only two foreign instructors that I know of who have made a serious study of the subject, and neither of them posts around here . This has nothing against foreigners, very few Japanese spend much time on it either.

OTOH, I would note that both of the people I mentioned above are fluent in Japanese. Kotodama is tightly tied to the Japanese language, and to Japanese mystical texts that are not available in English, so I would be would take commentary on the subject by people not both fluent in Japanese and conversant with the material with a large grain of salt. FWIW, I include myself in that category, not because I am not bilingual, but because I don't have the background necessary to delve into that topic in depth.



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