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Opher Donchin (opherdonchin) wrote:

I also know that there are a lot of people who have taken time and energy and see it differently. Do I think I see more clearly and deeply than them? Honestly, sometimes I do and sometimes I don't. However, let's say, for the sake of argument, that I really do see more clearly and deeply than them. What of it. I can't change the way they see. The best I can do is do my damndest to understand the way they see, to immerse myself in it and accept it, and hope that this will lead to change for both of us. I think this is what Jo mean when he (she?) said "i am still trying to make uke see MY point instead of me trying to see from their point of view."
I'm not trying to CHANGE what anyone sees; I'm trying to give everyone something to look at, I'm opening a window.

All my life I've walked through the stores and the towns and I've seen people milling around, careless, blind to one another, locked away in containers and oblivious to the reality of the real world. We buy meat at the supermarket, and we never have to lay a finger on the cow. Medicinal herbs are weeds to be plucked and poisoned. Creatures like wolves with important roles in the ecosystem are all but eradicated, because they cost farmers too much money in livestock. We all tether ourselves to a rut of working for the advancement of the technology that literally kills the earth in its creation, and we strive for the almighty dollar to survive. It is the source of our sustenance, the ruler of our existence. And because of that, I've seen the waters polluted, the fish dead, the mutated amphibians, the stillborn birds, and the sick land. I'm afraid for my grandchildren. I'm afraid for your grandchildren.

Aikido was developed by a man who created it with a philosophy of preservation. The only way to preserve all life is to know it intimately, then we can love it, then we can protect it.

The cumulation of responses I receive from these Spiritual threads is indicative of a plague of denial from people who like the feel of the techniques, like the flow of the hakama, but disregard the essence of the Art--the essence that makes it what it is.

I see responses from people too stuck in technology, too scared to shed all the material desires and lose all ties to materialism. I see the responses of people who don't care about the grandchildren.

If anyone looks at the teachings of O'Sensei, Saotome, Jesus, Stalking Wolf--any spiritual teacher, they will see that I have only passed down the message. This isn't my crusade, it's not my opinion--it's what everyone claims to believe and uphold, but shows no tendency toward following through.

If you have something to say, back it up. I'm very willing to learn, but I will challenge your statements and make you prove that you are studied and stand by your convictions.

If you look behind you, I'm not there; I'm holding no threat to your head to make you type any words. If you're done--your done. If you would like to see how far we can bring each other in finding the answers, buckle up and let's get on with it.

Exercise and extend your Ki with conviction; feel its awesome power--just smile.
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