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.before science was invented, everything was spiritual.

in my short time in aikido i have become aware of myself enough to know that the reason i have trouble in blending practice is that i am still trying to make uke see MY point instead of me trying to see from their point of view.

you have a philospphy. we are all very aware that you have a philosophy. however every one of us has our own personal philosophy. sometimes they agree, sometimes they don't, sometimes we argue about it or drop bombs on each other over it.sometimes we use it to justify hurting other people.just because their philosphy does not agree.

but i feel like the uke that i can't quite get behind when i read your posts...

i also know myself well enough to know when i am looking for an argument, so i'm going to attempt to bow out of this discussion now...


"It is not wise to be incautious when confronting a little smiling bald man"'- Rule #1
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