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Jo Adell (Qatana) wrote:
As i uderstand it, Ki or Chi is simply energy.Just like electricity-you can measure it, direct it,store it.there is nothing divine or supernatural about is just energy.there is energy generated by water, by gasoline, by fission of radioactive elements. and there is energy that is used by living beings whish is merely the food we eat. so wouldn't it make sense that living beings, who are dependent on energy of one source or another to survive, also be generating some kind of energy as well?

Ki is the wind.
There are several types of energies that make things function. On the physical plane, our major raw energy is electricity, which exists hand-in-hand with magnetism. Electricity can be measured, etc.

Ki is a spiritual energy. It cannot be measured (yet, anyway) as unconditional love, unless auric energy assessment counts. Ki plays a role in aura, but there is more to aura than Ki.

Anyway, with Ki and Electricity (atomic, synaptic, etc.), we exist and function, the two energies binding us betwixt the spiritual and the physical worlds. Most modern folk concentrate more on the physical, electrical, logical plane of existence, while others tap into the spiritual, intuitive, "supernatural" realm. The ancient Shaman-type from most cultures lived in the Duality, being in both realms at the same time. We call it enlightenment, or Satori in the discipline of Aikido.

So all of the Aikidoka who have no desire to embrace their inherent spiritual side, pretty much end up doing "neatly packaged Jiujitsu."

(If I can find who coined that phrase, I would gladly give credit.)

Exercise and extend your Ki with conviction; feel its awesome power--just smile.
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