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Jeff R.
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Dave Miller wrote:
Somehow, I would venture a guess that there are many a good Aikidoka who would choose to disagree with that notion. There are plenty of Aikidokas who are quite gifted in their art who don't believe a word of what you said about Ki. By your statement, they have no "efficacy" so far as Ki is concerned and yet their Aikido still works.

It's not often that I have seen someone say something with such conviction while shrouding it in a veil of "it can't be disproven so just believe it".

Notion? I'm only restating something that people like O'Sensei, Tohei, Saotome, Buddha, Jesus, and any other major spiritual figurehead has said. If you or any other Aikidoka would dispute millenia of deep spiritual awareness (not religion), that's up to you guys.

Are you alive? Do you breathe? Do you have a spirit? If so, you have Ki. Do you have faith that you have Ki? If not, then it won't work through you effectively.

If your Aikidokas' techniques are working, congratulations--everyone can twist a wrist. If it's real Aikido, then they're calling Ki by a different name. If it's not at all spiritual (not Religious, mind you), then it isn't working on a spiritual level. Aikido's "goal" is to have us all taking it to the spiritual level of efficacy. Techniques are only tools to bring us to the point of not needing them any longer. They are limited.

You know what though? Whatever. If people are happy with practicing non-spiritual martial arts, why not just by a baseball bat and take up ballroom dancing? Kick a@@ without spiritual concerns and still swing someone around the floor.

Yeehah, we're all strong!!

Exercise and extend your Ki with conviction; feel its awesome power--just smile.
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