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Re: Multiple attackers, using their idea of what is happening against them

I find it sad when terms are just up for grabs. Worse, when the terms-have a pedagogy and the concepts behind them a rich history spanning generations and cultures, and they are simply mangled by modern practitioners (east and west) who don't have any idea that they existed beyond their teachers uninformed instructions to them.

1. Sensei what is Aiki?
Ueshiba draws a circle
"Aiki is opposing forces (in you)."
2. Sensei what is Aiki?
"The mysteries of aiki are revealed in dual opposing the midst a friction is created. This gives birth to yin and yang."
O-sensei "Why can we not do what you do, Sensei?"
Ueshiba's reply, simple and final, "Because you don't understand in yo ho."
"In order to achieve the mysterious workings of ki based upon intent, first realize the appearance of the foundation that is the ki connection (ki musubi) between the left side of the physical body grounded in the martial and the right that receives the universe. If you can achieve this connection between the left and the right then you will be able to move with complete freedom."
(this ties in with more of the taiji classics)
"Manifest yo (yang) in the right hand, change the left hand to in (yin) and guide the opponent."
(though Ueshiba said it and wrote it, this is direct quote from the Tora no maki)
"The way of the mountain echo is intent, standing in the center of the connection between the ki of heaven and the ki of the earth."
(this is ancient example:
1451: "When I left Katori Shrine after two years of esoteric training and learning heaven earth man and six direction Ken was unstoppable.")

"Aiki is evading"
"Aiki is crap"

Two opinions offered; one by an aikido-ka, the other by a judo-ka
Both, according to the internet, are equal to the legends....
I think both are simply, wrong. I'm going with the legends!!

These things are deep and they are seriously difficult, and they deserved to be legendary skills.
I remain convinced that generations of men who struggled and devoted their life's work to learn these higher level, deeper things were not impressed by .....getting out of the way. Interestingly enough we find many others....who were. There are after all "experts" in the martial arts, the world over who really should never be out there teaching these things, or using terms they have no ability to place and define, much less display. I meet them all over. Why are THEY successful? They are demonstrating their stuff and talking their talk, in rooms full of people who have no connection and really don't know any better anyway.
Simple question, put to shihans reveal they really had no idea;
What they are
Where they came from
What they mean to convey
Nor can they themselves demonstrate any unusual power different from your average aikido-ka.
Should we change the meaning of "expert" while we're at changing the meaning of aiki.

It is getting "fixed" a bit at a time, as people meet men who actually do know what they are talking about and display the unusual power, these terms and concepts are meant to impart. This is the way of martial arts and many other pursuits where you find people who, at any level you stop them at and ask.....are convinced they get it....until they meet someone who actually does.