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Re: True Warfare

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Thanks Matthew. A well thought out view if I may say so. Mine being different doesn't take away from following your reasoning.

I asked about first impressions of Aikido because I feel most (I may be wrong here) see it more as you described ie: like a japanese tai chi type of art. Even watching O'Sensei in action others have usually laughed and been amazed as it looks more like a person playing, having fun. Just something that took my attention, that's all.

Thank you, Graham, I appreciate that! One of my favorite things about Aikido is that fun I see...that play. Somewhere I mentioned that I think life is so important you can't take it too seriously. I suppose the flip side of that is that life is so much fun we can't afford to be too silly (being raised on Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny, I love silly, and cherish light-hearted absurdity). What has caused me to bring Aikido so close to my personal is what I perceive to be this profound dichotomy exemplified by it. I feel lucky that the handful of people I've been fortunate enough to train with also exemplify this absolutely serious play; this absolutely playful seriousness...which at times simply appears either serious or playful, but when looked at in the whole context, they feed each other creates space for the other...or something like that...
Indeed I am very greatful, despite my easily distracted personality, and I look forward to positive growth (in body; in mind; and to whatever degree it might exit, in spirit), which is, per my understanding of my meager studies, the essence of the way from which aiki is given birth.
And that is, per my minds eye, also True Warfare.
Coincidentally, my view regarding Tai Chi and Aikido have, like most things, both changed and remained the same.
Take care, sir!

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