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Re: The speed of a technique

George S. Ledyard wrote: View Post
I got the "inside" and "outside" terminology from Ushiro Sensei at the first Expo. Once I had worked out what he meant, it changed my Aikido entirely.
If repeated experience facilitated (with the goal of teaching) by a teacher that "can do" and "will do,"* coupled with some form of standardized terminology and verification of the experience seems to be a formula that works. (Perhaps this is the only formula that works well for the more nebulous areas of instruction.)

And if, conversely, random experience leaves progress to chance. Terminology without relevant experience produces pedantry not performance. And, assuming one truly ascertains either of these without being able to reproduce their implied outcome is delusion.

What are the implications for the Transmission and/or Inheritance of Aikido?

*Perhaps there is some wiggle room here for the coach that "can't do" but can teach others "to do." (And then there's me that can't teach "doo doo!"

~ Allen Beebe
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