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Re: Diff. styles, 1 Aikido

Randall Lim wrote: View Post
When I say unification, i do not mean every Aikido club standardising their styles or methods. [
But this is a main issue of unification besides grading standards.

What I simply mean is to have situations where by any Aikidoka from any club is welcomed to train regularly at any other unaffiliated clubs.
This is not an issue of unification but of respect.


There are different ways of teaching and of doing technique. And depending on my experiences it only makes sense to mix up different ways of understandig aikido after some years of intense training.
I.e. when one the one hand being sure with ones own aikido and on the other hand being able to adopt to a different approach.
And this is not about styles or organizations but about lines of tradition: Yamguchi and Saito and Ueshiba Kisshomaru are all aikikai but different "approaches".
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