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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 9

Ernesto Lemke wrote: View Post
Dear Peter,

I am just blown away by the tremendous amount of research you have put into these columns, the thought processes it would have taken you, and the prolific, not to mention provoking writing you are able to produce each and every time.

I really wanted to express my admiration and deep appriciation for your incredible work even though I'm unable to digest everything completely. Even after several readings. (Which says nothing about your writing and all the more about me).

I felt compelled to speak out and thank you sincerely for your generosity. Not in the least considering the fact you are offering this so freely.

Ernesto Lemke

You actually spurred me to pick up my own writing again! I will contact you shortly but first I have to survive Allen's seminar....)
Hello Ernesto,

I am in the Netherlands at present (I have just finished teaching at a Summer School) and have had access to a computer only since yesterday. I will be in the UK from tomorrow and will return to Japan next week.

I think it is important that Morihei Ueshiba's (and Deguchi's) ultrantionalist connections are placed in a proper context. Ueshiba was a man of his time and thought like a man of his time (in many respects). 'Postwar' aikido enthusiasts, espedially aikido enthusiasts living outside Japan, need to realise this.

Best wishes,


P A Goldsbury
Kokusai Dojo,
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