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Niadh wrote:
Actually I don't believe that, despite what the media would lead us to believe. However, once again despite what the media would have us believe, the availability iof the two, maybe three, models of automatic pistols is really not something that you can walk up to your neeighborhood arms dealer and buy. Now, as I realize the distinction I made between automatic and semi-automatic may not seem much to some, and others will care only that they are guns and bad, to me it was important to make this distinction.
By the way Dan, thanks for making a point that I have long made. Criminals do not care about the law.

Media, schmedia! They actually know very little. Believe what you will. I'll not try to convince you one way or another. I don't know what you base your opinion on but I base what I say from actually being there. It's really quite easy to obtain just about ANY type of fully auto firearm in that neck of the woods. I owned (past tense for all you police types out there) a couple of "bushmasters" both the 10 and 12, while I was there.

The fully auto pistol is actually a favorite with certain "groups". Besides the obvious attraction, it's ability to be concealed is another very popular feature.

Your right about not being able to just walk up and purchase one, but then, thats not how things are done down there either. Any half @$$'d street hustler down there can hook you up in a VERY short time........ it's a shame indeed when the government wants to take YOUR firarms away but can do very little to keep them away from the really dangerous buttheads. Ahhh, the games we all play huh?!

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