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Re: Hachi no ji jo suburi

Ilja Pfeijffer wrote: View Post
Before I pose my question, it seems polite to briefly introduce myself, for this is my first posting on these forums, although I have passively been enjoying these forums for quite some time and I am very grateful for everything I learned from all your contributions. My name is Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer. I have been doing aikido for about six years now, so I am very much a beginner. I train at Shi Zen Ryu dojo in Leiden, the Netherlands, with Tom Verhoeven sensei.
Dear Ilja. Unfortunately, I am not familiar with the jo movement you mention, but I know Ethan W. and would recommend that you pay attention to his postings as they reflect a long and dedicated effort to uncover the details of Aikido. Especially as it was formulated by Saito Sensei.

I myself am influenced by the also late Nishio Sensei and have a different approach to the use of jo and bokken. But I happen to go to Leiden for a three day seminar in about three weeks. Maybe we could find a chance to practice together if you think I would be allowed to visit?

Best wishes

Jørgen Jakob
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- Jørgen Jakob Friis

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