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Re: Dan Harden at Ledyards dojo May 22, 2011 till?

Sitting at an airport. My flight is Seattle to boston by going down to the gulf of mexico back up the east coast to avoid storms. Missed my connector flight and will now be up all night....gee I love to fly.

I must say I have a lot to write about...when I can get some sleep. George has one he'll of a great group to train with. It was obvious that they had been working. It was very gratifying to feel changes in most everyone who was at the last shindig and to have informed questions being asked. Hoi's son Seth was the surprise of the weekend. As soon as I touched him...bam, connection!!! And he is just 16yrs old. I shouldn't have been surprised knowing the dad..and let's just face it, koryu people rock! gads.

I can't pin it down so I will just say that between Kazen's systema
, Howards Daito ryu, and Gleason, ledyard, Drachman, and ikedas aikido, I should not be so surprised.
the questions were a lot of fun.
I had a blast playing with Kaizen. Tough son of a bitch
, very soft and great to try and throw. What a mecca George has turned his dojo into.
more on my observations later. I didn't get much sleep due to a continuous mild earthquake in and about the house I was staying at....thankfully we were all ok. Why.....Allen slept right throught all.
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