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Aikido demonstration vs Aikido in self defense

Aikido in it's self defense form all to often is not recognizable, usually categorized as some bastardized version of Judo/Jujutsu. Because so many Aikidoka practice just demonstrations and many may or may not reach the higher level dans, the assumption is that Aikido in demonstrations is Aikido in self defense. This is most certainly far from the truth. As my sensei has often stated, “there is Aikido to show in it's full form, which is what you see in a demonstration and there is Aikido that is adaptive, used for self defense.” The self defense Aikido, is ridiculed, ostracized for not appearing as it does in it's full form (demonstration). A a result, you here Aikidoka making statements, this is Aikido and that's not Aikido. What you're doing is Judo, or what you are doing is Jujutsu. The fact of the matter is, self defense warrants an organic approach with limited boundaries to defend. For those who feel that there Aikido is not limited to just demonstrations, I would like to here what steps we can take to remove this misconception. Can Aikido in a self defense scenario (maybe the perception is jujutsu) be accepted as Aikido if the Aiki concepts hold true?

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