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Re: Aikido for Drug/alcohol Rehab

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I totally agree with that. But can you imagine a woman stepping in a dojo and saying: "You know, Sensei, I have been rapped, so I think that I need to learn to defend myself"? Or a kid may be nagging his parents for martial arts training without telling them that he is the playground's bully's favorite victim.
An instructor might lose his patience because a student just doesn't seem to be developping any sparing skills - especially in an art like Karate or Tae Kwon Do - in spite of learning everything else right. If this instructor has no idea that this sutdent has been the victim of a violent assault, he or she can make things a lot worst for the victim.
So I repeat, a martial arts instructor needs to be able to see symptoms of spychological trauma in a student. He or she might then have a private talk with this student, and, if needed, advise professional counseling. Meanwhile, this instructor's job is to modulate his or her teaching methods according to this student's special needs.
This is the way to be a good instructor.
I agree with you Marie, but how would a good instructor approach the subject of talking to someone they thought had a problem, so that you might suggest that they need further help?

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