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Re: Aikido for Drug/alcohol Rehab

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IMHO, here is where we get into really deep and really hot water.
Not in my experiance as a peer counselor...99% of this interaction occurs within a structured environment. Aikido "principles (not Martial Arts) of blending and harmony have been cited many times (heck Lynn I'll bet you use them yourself. ) as a valued tool in building trust between the "client" and the folks trying to help him recover/get him to admit he/she has a problem. I do agree there is a methodology to it and it works within a structured Professional "Treament Plan".

Martial arts training is not a substitute of competent psychological assessment, intervention, and treatment. I think a basic understanding of issues may be helpful to let people know when they are way over their heads.
While not a subsitute it can be a powerful tool. Again I am speaking of Aikido principles NOT Martial Arts training. There is a big differance. I have done scores of 12 step interventions over the years' and worked on Skid Row, The VA, The California Prison System, and other places, and Aikido has served me very very well. That being said I am not a licensed Professional and you are absolutely right in regard to those aspects of treatment that Demand a Competent Professional as required by law and professional ethics.

Aikido principles are not a substitute for treatment. They can be used as a bridge to build trust between peers, as a tool for conflict resolution, and as a set of basic ideals to help folks who are prone to confrontation resolve it in a way which does not harm them or the object of thier fear/anger.

That may be an interesting project for some of us to play way: a brief collaborative paper geared towards teachers.
I would love to participate and learn for you guys. I have used Ellis Amdur's and Terry Dobson's insights for years with great effect. Amdur Sensei has spent many many years in the field of conflict resolution. Perhaps we can ask him for his insight on the subject of Aiki principles and how they can be used to help at risk kids.

William Hazen

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