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Re: YouTube: Mori Shihan

He doesn't use women as uke?

I'd be far more than a tad disappointed.

Michelle Braddon wrote: View Post
He's really awesome! Sort of strict about the etiquette, being Japanese and all, but he's very patient with beginners like myself and doesn't mind if we make etiquette mistakes. I've learned so far, if he's staring at you, you've probably got the wrong foot in front. Although he always looks really strict and mean in the demonstrations, he's not. And he never uses women as his uke. Which is a tad disappointing. I think he believes it's not proper 'Budo'. He's altered his lessons a lot for us poor Aussies, who, according to Sensei have weak knees, so we don't do much of the knee walking,(shikko? i'm still learning the language. Still can't remember left and right) and more weapons stuff, so he doesn't seem really hung up on tradition either. I've only been training at his dojo for two weeks. So I shall tell you more the moment I've found out. And apparently he's scared of Christmas beetles...
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