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Ellis Amdur
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I've read about some of the breathing methods used in power lifting, but I'm really not qualified to discuss them. I do use reverse breathing during certain lifts (I don't do that much heavy lifting, but I find it really helps when I do squats with a slosh tube, boh in terms of stabilzation of stance and posture - and coordinating my body during the movement.

For me, CONSCIOUSLY using reverse breathing is a training device for development of a connected body and expression of power. But when I'm doing kenjutsu, for example, I let the breathing do it's own work as I do kiaijutsu (and there is no doubt that, when needed, I am doing reverse breathing without thinking of it).

I, too, have asthma. I have not found that reverse breathing provokes my asthma in any way.

Ellis Amdur

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