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Re: Unusual feet movement in morotedori

Eddy Wolput wrote: View Post
In Tomiki Aikido, this kind of footwork is used to perform sumi otoshi throw. Eddy
I can see this footwork working for sumi otoshi, but I never practiced it that way for that throw. I should try that sometime.

Clare Din wrote: View Post
Watch Osawa teach in a seminar. He emphasizes footwork as well that is very similar to this. I think Yoko has optimized her foot movement to her body so we have to find the proper foot movement for our bodies.
I've been lucky enough to attend one of Osawa's seminars before. I remembered he indeed emphasized footwork a lot, being grounded, being balanced, and lots of tenkans but not this particular footwork. Maybe I'll see it in another one of his seminars; will keep an eye open for that.

Matthew Gano wrote: View Post
I can't say what is usual because that varies from place to place, but it looks very similar to the kind of footwork I'm taught. Just to be clear though, how would you describe the footwork you're speaking about?
Yup, "usual" does vary from place to place, which is why I originally asked here for some input because I thought it was cool. I would describe this particular footwork similar to how Yoko Okamoto would: move the back foot off the line to unbalance and draw uke forward towards nage then slide the front foot forward to redirect the moving centre (assuming uke didn't plant their foot down already).

My dojo has never used this kind of footwork so this one in particular was something new and "exciting". For example, in sumi otoshi, I never used this footwork; I'd do a tenkan to get uke moving first, briefly wait for uke to turn around, then slide both feet forward to unbalance uke and have my other hand on uke's elbow area to guide uke down.
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